The Role of Architects in Construction Projects

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The Role of Architects in Construction Projects

Architects support various teams in different capacities to complete a construction project. These licensed individuals are involved in the process beyond planning and development and often work hand-in-hand with other professionals to bring a client’s vision to life.

Planning and Design

Before a construction project begins, an architect meets with the client to discuss the details of the concept, responsibilities outlined in the contract, and general architecture considerations. Other team members, including engineers, are present during these initial meetings to confirm the proposed design, budget, and safety regulations. Multiple meetings may take place before final approval to get started on the work, but once the planning details are confirmed, the architect begins creating drawings that reflect the client’s requests and provide an inside look at the project’s viability. These drawings can be created by hand or with the help of software tools, and this stage may involve several drafts until a design is finalized and approved.

Cost Estimation

There are multiple moving parts to keep track of during a construction project, and the architect is in charge of overseeing the ultimate cost of each part, including the budget estimations for work that will be delegated to contractors and smaller considerations like landscaping. Contractors and laborers perform their duties per the instruction of the architect and engineers overseeing the project. In order to estimate these costs, architects must consider the entire scope of the project from the top down; the biggest challenge during this phase is to not communicate an underestimation to the client.

Building Construction

Architects can also be found on-site while the construction workers create the physical structure, taking note of any limitations imposed by the site and suggesting potential solutions. Any revisions to the documentation that was initially drawn up must be approved and signed by the architect, and technical issues with implementation are typically resolved during discussions between the architect and structural and civil engineers.

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