Forensic Architecture and Building Analysis

Forensic Architecture and Building Analysis

The team at Pascal Architects has decades of experience providing architectural design services across the country. With an emphasis on the historic preservation and adaptive reuse of large-scale commercial buildings, our firm specializes in forensic architecture and building analysis in order to better understand the underlying causes of building envelope defects, system defects, and code compliance issues.

An Investigative Approach to Architecture

Our team includes licensed architects and licensed engineers who conduct extensive research and field studies to get to the root of your problem and develop proactive solutions that will not only improve the efficiency of the building but also preserve the original function of the design. Before you can begin the renovation process of historic and other existing building, this is an important step to understand the existing structure, as well as the state of the mechanical, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and life safety systems. This vital information will help you determine how to most effectively restore the systems and structure to serve your new vision for the building.

Often, buildings have undergone many iterations of renovations during their life, and by taking an investigative approach, we can restore the original elements that give the building its character and historic value, while also complying with local requirements and international safety codes. Whether you already own an asset that is not functioning as efficiently as it should, or you are looking to purchase a building and need to assess the value of the investment, our team will work proactively to give you the information you need to make a strategic decision.

In addition to forensic research, our building materials analysis process allows our team to understand the original materials used in a building design and source authentic materials. Our deep connections in the field allow us to work directly with vendors around the world in order to restore the original beauty and strength of the design.

Our Experience Serving Commercial Clients

Pascal Architects has completed a number of commercial construction management and architectural design projects by applying this forensic architecture and building analysis method, including work in both the private and public sectors. Our experience includes the forensic analysis of the historic Ritz-Carlton Hotel in New Orleans, in which we addressed issues with the life safety systems, mechanical and electrical systems, interior air quality, and the building envelope. We have also worked with asset owners to address energy conservation challenges and poor indoor air quality as the result of an undersized or oversized system, as well as adaptive reuse projects for hotels and restaurants.

Every building has a story to share. Through forensic analysis, Pascal Architects is able to restore the integrity of a complex structure by both preserving its history and adapting it to the modern world. To learn more about our process, call our office directly at 504-304-3625. You may also learn more about our firm’s philosophy and explore our portfolio of completed projects.