Goran Jovanovic

Goran Jovanovic

Senior Project Manager


Goran Jovanovic has more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry, completing successful projects in New York City and around the country. As Senior Project Manager, Goran spends much of his time in the field supervising and fulfilling construction documents, coordinating field staff, conducting investigative field analyses, and ensuring compliance during all stages of a project. With a particular passion for historic preservation, Goran also conducts historical research for the iconic buildings in the firm’s portfolio of projects. This includes contributions to the exterior restoration of the Taj Hotel in Boston, MA, as well as the restoration of deteriorated exterior walls and the replacement of roofing and terrace waterproofing systems at 770 Park Avenue, a building designed by famed architect Rosario Candela. Following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Goran also worked on-site in New Orleans to help facilitate the exterior wall damage rehabilitation of the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans and Renaissance Pere Marquette.

Prior to his work in Manhattan and the United States, Goran attained his degree in both architecture and engineering from the University of Architecture, Civil Planning & Civil Engineering in Sarajevo, and worked in the construction industry around the world, including in Greece, Iraq, and Italy. When he is not working, he enjoys an active lifestyle, from mountain climbing on Mount Kilimanjaro to caving in Son Doong cave in Vietnam. Back at home, he has four children that keep him busy.

“Building is a natural product of human thinking. You build buildings to satisfy your needs, and it is a reflection of human needs to express yourself and make your liveable space pleasant or your working space pleasant. That is expressed through the exterior of the building because everyone wants to work and live in a building that has a nice appearance.”

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