A Multi-Disciplinary Architecture Firm

Marrying authentic history with effective technology; molding the next generation of architects to be self-sufficient problem solvers; building deep-rooted relationships with our clients to create solutions that evolve with their businesses—these are the driving forces that have helped to create Pascal Architects. We are a collective of licensed architects, licensed general contractors, project managers, and administrative personnel dedicated to the designed environment and its integral role in our culture, society, and understanding of the world.

The History of Our Firm

Founded in 1991, Pascal Architects is a mid-sized multi-disciplinary architecture firm with offices in both New Orleans and New York City. Principal P. Mark Culotta, AIA, CSI, CDT developed the firm after working in the construction industry as a general contractor, as well as spending several years as a professor of architecture for Louisiana State University. This intimate knowledge of construction management, combined with a passion for teaching, set the foundation for our firm as it exists today. From our start, we had a strong focus on historic preservation and the adaptive reuse of historic structures for new purposes. Living in New Orleans, protecting the historic structures that help tell the story of our city has always been vital to our success as a firm.
Then, when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, it forever changed our lives and livelihoods. During this time, many of the team members who are still involved in the company today completed storm damage remediation, living and working in hotels in downtown New Orleans. Because of the major effect this catastrophic event had on our city, we saw first hand how architecture and the internal systems that operate a building impact the functions of a city. Still a major component of the business, in conjunction with our work in forensic architecture and historic restoration and preservation, we seek to find new ways to enhance our built environments without forgetting the history ingrained in them.
Black and white image of the Louisiana State Museum, The Cabildo, which represents the historic restorations performed by Pascal Architects in New Orleans, LA
The roof of the Louisiana State Museum, The Cabildo, representing historic restorations by Pascal Architects in New Orleans, LA

Our Mission & Company Values

As a collaborative organization, our values influence our daily operations and decisions. We live these values and seek to imprint them onto each project. This is why a principal architect is involved in every project to oversee and maintain our mission to create custom design solutions to meet each of our client’s needs.


Integrity for Pascal Architects is both truth to our word and an expectation of our work. We are committed to providing the best work for our clients and to delivering what we promise.

We are also committed to produce work which maintains its integrity for years to come. Our work is a true representation of our clients and stands the test of time. When the unexpected happens, we are proactive and own any issue to resolution.


Our work is built. Whether historical or destined to be, we know our choices today will be with us, and our clients for many years to come. We accept this obligation.

We face this obligation confident in our training, experience and with confidence in our team. We rely on our teammates for their courage to make the right decisions and get the job done.


As a teaching firm we take seriously our responsibility to cultivate the next generation of architects. With experience on faculty at LSU and Tulane University our senior team remains committed to mentoring and coaching our interns and staff. We expose new architects to all facets of the industry and our practice to assure they have the tools for critical analysis and innovation.

We also willingly accept our responsibility to support the whole person who comes into our practice. We believe in family and support our team to assure they are able to support theirs.


As an architecture firm with offices in New Orleans and New York we recognize and honor the immense diversity of cultures and peoples who came before us.

The historic buildings on which we have the honor to work reflect Spanish, French, African, Dutch, Irish, Italian, and many more designers and tradespeople. With this as our heritage, we commit to satisfying the needs of our clients while improving the “Built Environment” for the betterment of all who may shelter there.


Architecture is, by definition, the solution of a problem with infinite variables. That problem-solving is the exciting part of our work: applying new ideas, identifying novel techniques and solutions to meet each of our clients' needs. We remain agile and flexible in order to meet the daily demands and changing needs of each project.


We demonstrate our respect for the history of each building we have the privilege to work on through extensive research and fieldwork. With this we are able to understand the intention of the design and we are able to identify any problems that hinder the functionality.

With respect for the vision of our clients and the creativity and technical competence of our staff we create spaces and edifices respectful of the people, past and present, who make use of our designs.

“We are a teaching firm. We are proud to produce well-rounded architects who will preserve our values and assure the honorable continuation of both our practice and our treasured profession: Architecture.”

– P. Mark Culotta, Principal Architect & Founder

Work With Us

We have worked across the country with commercial clients in the hospitality, education, and retail sectors, in addition to our work with local, state, and national government agencies. Our extensive experience with historic restoration and preservation, project and construction management, interior architecture, and forensic architecture and building analysis includes iconic New Orleans buildings such as Gallier Hall, the Lower Pontalba flanking Jackson Square, and City Hall. Learn more about our team and the projects we have completed, or get in contact to share the details of your next project.

2121 Airline Dr., Suite 500
Metairie, LA 70001


2121 Airline Dr., Suite 500
Metairie, LA 70001