Historic Restoration Services

Historic Restoration Services

The preservation of historic buildings carries both cultural and environmental benefits. By repurposing existing structures for new uses, we avoid the need for demolition and new building materials while keeping a critical component of our nation’s history intact. Pascal Architects specializes in historic restoration and preservation projects that highlight the distinctive details of these landmark commercial buildings while making them structurally sound, energy efficient, and adapted to modern requirements.

Our Approach to Historic Restoration

At Pascal Architects, we strive to educate and inform our clients during each phase of the historic preservation process. This results in fewer surprises and a true feeling of ownership throughout the transformation of your building. With careful research—including photos, drawings, and original blueprints—we remain true to the original design of the building and maintain as many original design features as we can. We also source materials that are authentic to the original construction wherever possible.

Our architects are in the field as hands-on team members so we can participate directly in developing solutions that make the vision for your space a reality. We are one of the few firms that assign a dedicated principal architect to every project, so you can rest assured that the design and construction will be seamlessly managed from start to finish. Because historic preservation is at the core of our philosophy as a teaching firm, our principals have also contributed to the architecture faculty at both Tulane University and Louisiana State University.

Experience Preserving Landmarks on a National Scale

Our historic restoration and preservation projects span a range of industries, including government, retail, hospitality, fine dining, and hotels, as well as both indoor and outdoor spaces in New Orleans and New York City. Some of our most notable projects include the reroofing and historic masonry restoration of the Lower Pontalba Building in New Orleans, originally built in the 1840s, as well as the historic restoration of The Old President’s House on Louisiana State University’s campus in Baton Rouge. Our architecture firm also managed the restoration of The Cabildo in New Orleans’ historic Jackson Square. The building today serves as the Louisiana State Museum.

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