How to Review an Architect's Credentials

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How to Review an Architect's Credentials

While most architects can tackle a variety of projects, they tend to have similar qualifications and credentials. Becoming an architect requires years of education and training, and it might not be immediately clear how much, or how little, experience each one has. But there are a few ways to evaluate if they’re fit for the job.

Possible Associations

Many professional associations and organizations exist to share knowledge among architects and verify the expertise of their members. Organizations and programs like the AIA, NCARB, and LEED promote continued education while offering structured professional networks and peer support. However, architects who identify only as registered architects (RAs) aren’t necessarily unqualified; they simply do not take part in an association.


Licensed architects are required to graduate from an accredited school, intern with a licensed profession, pass a licensing exam, and then obtain a license in the state in which they practice. Due to this experience and a portfolio of the projects they’ve worked on is very important and can go a long way toward establishing an architect’s professionalism.

Educational Criteria

Architects in New Orleans, New York, and beyond must receive degrees from accredited programs and institutions that are approved by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). Naturally, these programs cover several subjects in the field of architecture, including history, design, and technology, that develop an aspiring architect’s problem-solving and creative abilities.


After earning their degree, architects then pursue on-the-job training to gain additional practical knowledge, typically under the eye of licensed supervisors. From there, they’ll have to take a professional exam to be able to work in their state. This exam can have as many as nine sections and typically takes several hours to complete. Each state’s regulatory board will let a prospective client know if an architect has the appropriate license to operate in that area lawfully.

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