A Collaborative Approach: Interior Designers and Architects Working in Harmony

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A Collaborative Approach: Interior Designers and Architects Working in Harmony

Constructing a home or building can be overwhelming as one deliberates on the design of the house, the roofing material, the paint color, and what air conditioning system to use, among other construction aspects. While architects come up with an excellent design for a house, the interior designers play a significant part in enhancing and complementing the beauty of the home by using the appropriate furniture, lighting, and paint color. Therefore, when constructing, it is wise for interior designers and architects to work together so that they can yield the best results.

How to Adopt a Collaborative Approach

Hire a general contractor who will oversee the entire project and ensure each team performs the tasks assigned to them, without overstepping on the other party’s duties. After this, be sure to hire an architect and an interior designer who can work together. Sometimes architects and interior designers already have relationships and can make suggestions about who they typically collaborate with. Additionally, before deciding on the pair to pick, ensure that both parties agree on the overall aesthetic of the building, can freely communicate with each other, and that they are open to adopting new ideas. After assembling the team, go ahead and delegate each party to their expected duties, define the scope of work for each group, and ensure that both the interior designer and the architects equally understand the style of the project as well as the expected outcome.

Significance of Adopting a Collaborative Approach

Both architects and interior designers are adequately trained specialists; they possess extensive knowledge in their respective fields, including an up-to-date understanding of the building regulations and codes. Hence, any individual with a construction project should consider allowing the duo to work in alliance for the best results. Due to the numerous trade shows and exhibitions both attend, designers and architects have the advantage of meeting with various manufacturers and suppliers. This experience equips them with knowledge on the efficiency, applicability, and cost of different construction materials needed for diverse projects. Moreover, architects and interior designers can carefully examine finishes and building material to evaluate if they are up to standard, as well as if they suit the building’s character. They can also suggest creative and modernized design ideas utilizing said materials.

To yield the best project outcomes, architects and interior home designers should work hand in hand. At Pascal Architects, we embrace working together, and we provide our clients with a team of general contractors, architects, and support staff. Our team offers a wide array of architectural solutions, including construction management, interior architecture, building analysis, historic restoration, and interior designing, among others. Contact us to learn more about various aspects of interior design and architecture.