Three Common Construction Mistakes

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Three Common Construction Mistakes

Contractors and construction companies are bound to make mistakes during the construction process if they don’t follow best practices. Mistakes can be costly for all parties involved, so it’s essential to identify and mitigate them as early as possible. Here are three common construction mistakes to watch out for.

Unrealistic Timelines and Expectations

Any number of problems can occur and cause a project to be delayed, including unforeseen site conditions, bad weather, and difficulties acquiring building materials. If these issues are anticipated and planned for, they can be addressed and overcome with little to no impact on the construction schedule. When construction companies and contractors fail to plan and set reasonable timelines and expectations, construction is more likely to be delayed or derailed.

Inadequate Budgets

Pre-construction budgeting is intended to establish a practical, realistic prediction of all costs before building begins. It’s a mistake to plan only for the costs of materials and contractors without also anticipating unexpected expenses and budget changes. It’s also equally important to regularly update a project’s budget throughout construction and to perform budget check-ins to ensure that all possible costs are accounted for.

Communication Problems

Clear, consistent communication among project managers, contractors, and clients is necessary for any construction project to be successful. Many problems occur when communication is lacking, including unmet client expectations, budget shortfalls, and erroneous work being performed. To ensure that communication is adequate, schedule regular update meetings with all relevant project members throughout the project to monitor progress, address any problems or unexpected changes, and gauge client satisfaction.

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