Lower Pontalba Building Roofing & Historic Masonry Restoration & Repair

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The Pontalba Buildings that frame opposite sides of Jackson Square have remained a French Quarter landmark since their creation in the late 1840s. Each taking an entire block. The row house-style, four-story buildings include ground-floor shops and restaurants with apartments on the upper floors. Added to the National Historic Landmark in 1974, the state-owned Lower Pontalba Building that sits on the Esplanade Avenue side of Jackson Square, required meticulous care to replace the original historic slate roofing and historic red brick masonry on the exterior of the building.

Pascal Architects developed a new roof ridge structure in order to repair the historic framing in accordance with its original integrity and using authentic materials. Using unique techniques for framing repair, the team completed this historic restoration including framing in a minimal amount of time to stay within project schedules and without disrupting the commercial businesses on the ground floor that remained open during the renovation.

Project details

  • Categories: General architecture
    Historic restoration and preservation
  • Team: P. Mark Pascal
    Knox H. Tumlin
    Alessandra B. McDaniels
  • Date: September 2015
  • Budget: $686,300
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