Forensic Building Analysis of Archstone Meadowbrook Crossing Apartments

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Located in Westbury, NY, the Archstone Meadowbrook Crossing Apartments is a large multi-family complex with 21 separate buildings featuring one, two, and three bedroom units. Facing ongoing challenges with moisture damage and mold and mildew, Pascal Architects conducted a forensic building analysis to determine the scope of the damage and identify the construction defects causing these issues.

During the forensic analysis, the architects determined that the roof flashing, window and door flashing, and vapor retardant and barrier were all improperly installed. Additionally, the expansion joints were improperly designed and installed and the exterior stone veneer was not allowed to properly expand or contact.. Over the course of two years, Pascal Architects negotiated the contract and provided construction management services to oversee the remediation of all 21 buildings to satisfy both the insured property owner and insurance provider.

Project details

  • Categories: Forensic architecture and analysis
    Construction management
  • Team: P. Mark Culotta
    Knox Tumlin
    Danielle Upshaw
  • Date: May 2010
  • Budget: $36 million
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