A Closer Look at Pascal's Approach to Historic Restoration

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A Closer Look at Pascal's Approach to Historic Restoration

Historic restoration can preserve buildings that have deteriorated over time due to environmental and structural damages or can serve as a proactive measure to protect and enhance buildings of historical and cultural significance. By working in New Orleans for nearly 30 years, Pascal Architects have become experts in this field. The city’s warm, humid climate and endless historic properties create a unique environment, challenging our team to preserve and adapt structures to their surroundings while honoring their original materials and design.

Project Background

Built in late 1840, the historic Pontalba buildings that frame Jackson Square have long remained a French Quarter landmark. The building’s French frames consist of wooden pegs that hold the historic frames together. Over the years, these wooden beams had rotted out due to termites, water, and timber aging and needed to be replaced. The roofing was also in desperate need of repair and required diligent care to restore the original slate roofing and red brick on the exterior of the building.

Unique Challenges

As each building takes up a city square, the project was no small feat. The rowhouse-style, four-story buildings included ground-floor shops and restaurants with apartments on the upper levels. The businesses on the ground floor remained open during the renovation, and the construction needed to be completed without halting operations.

Craftsmanship That’s Designed to Last

Pascal Architects developed an innovative design solution to repair the damaged roof ridge structure, all while keeping its original integrity and using only authentic materials. Applying their expertise and knowledge of industry best practices the team completed this historic restoration project in late 2015.

A Team of Experts Guaranteed for Every Project

This restoration venture required a reliable and knowledgeable team of professionals to properly address the building’s architectural and mechanical issues. Our firm understood that the Pontalba buildings would have thousands of visitors every year, and we took the client’s trust in them to make a sound, secure, and lasting restored structure.

Experience Matters

Pascal Architects’ historic restoration and preservation projects span a range of industries, as well as both indoor and outdoor spaces in New Orleans, New York City, and other cities in the United States. Our wide range of experience informed the decisions we knew would directly impact the future of the Pontalba buildings, and some of our other notable projects include the historic restoration of The Old President’s House on Louisiana State University’s campus in Baton Rouge, as well as the restoration of The Cabildo in New Orleans’ historic Jackson Square. The building today serves as the Louisiana State Museum.

Review other projects managed by Pascal Architects to view more examples of our capabilities within historic restoration, adaptive reuse, and forensic architecture, and reach out to us today to discuss the needs of your next project in proximity to our offices in New York, New Orleans, and Fort Worth.