What Is Forensic Architecture?

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What Is Forensic Architecture?

It is an unfortunate occurrence when a designer completes a building project with high-quality materials and all the proper paperwork done, and the unexpected still happens. Foundation cracks may start to show, water can seep inside, or windows may crack without warning. It can be frustrating and may lead to possible lawsuits, so it is essential to act swiftly. It is in these situations when it becomes crucial to hire a forensic architect without delay. Forensic architecture is a process whereby building surveyors assess any damage or structural issues of a building in a legal context, and they can help building owners in the following ways.


Forensic architects can help diagnose a problem during construction. They may look for small details concerning the materials used in construction and can understand the entire building in terms of materials, design, shapes, and sizes. They also have an in-depth knowledge of what makes a building structurally sound, including thermal insulation, drainage, and aeration so that they can complete a thorough investigation.

The Specific Tools Used

Forensic architects may use state-of-the-art tools to help track down problems in a building structure or construction materials. These tools may include video scopes, moisture probes, or thermal imaging cameras they can use to inspect projects. Forensic architects can also estimate the moisture content of materials, measure temperature and humidity, and determine how to protect the concrete foundation from moisture intrusion.

Project Management

Forensic architecture also requires detailed project management skills. Here, forensic architects act as part of the construction team and participate in the planning and discussions surrounding a project. They may advise on issues regarding the industry, budget, and design. Forensic architects can offer invaluable advice to the building team to help resolve problems quickly. Having a forensic architect on hand may help lower risks to contractors, architects, and project owners.

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